Tandoori Specialist


Meat poultry or King prawn marinated in the chef’s own blend of herbs, spices and yoghurt. Then cooked on skewers in our clay tandoori oven served sizzling on platter with fesh salad and mint yoghurt sauce.


Coriander on a skewer with marinated green pepper, tomato and onion


Biriyani is not only popular in the subcontinent but equally famous in the middle Ease, Spices offer it distinguished customer a unique biriyani with lamb, Chicken, Prawn, vegetables & king prawn cooked with basmati rice, methi onion, coriander and medium bleend of spices served with vegetable curry sauce.

Chef’s Recommendations

Tikka Masala

The tradition favorite, Cooked with aimed, coconuts, herbs, spices yoghurt, cream and special sauce


Tender chicken, lamb or king prawn marinated with fresh cream, ground aimonds, coconut, aromatic herbs and spice cooked with pure Ghee. Very mild and creamy.

Butter Chicken

Chicken tikka cooked in butter, almond, coconut and fresh cream


Chicken, lamb, vegetable or king prawn cooked with specially prepared sauce, garnished with fresh tomatoes and coriander.

Balti Jalfrezi

Chicken, Lamb, King Prawns or Vegetable cooked with a specially prepared sauce with green chillies slightly hot. Garnished with fresh tomatoes.

Balti Bhuna

Chicken. lamb, king prawn or vegetable cooked with special sauce, light and spicy garniched with fresh tomatoes

Balti Chana Chat

Thick sauce, light and spicy chicken or lamb served with chicken


Chicken, Lamb or prawn cooked with fresh spics , onion, herbs, garlic and selection of spices


Chicken cooked with spicy pickle and slightly hot

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Traditional Old Favourites

Choose your style – Chicken / Lamb / Vegetable / Prawn / King Prawn (King Prawn £3.00 Extra, Lamb, Tikka, and Prawn £1.00 Extra)

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